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About Us

Stonger. Smarter. Together.

If you’re ready to level up your training, we’re here ready to support you.

Smarter Fitness is far more than your average gym. We host a focused, community driven environment PERFECT for everyone and anyone who wants to work hard and achieve great things.

We pride ourselves on having built a fantastic, helpful and fun gym atmosphere – where new members are welcomed by our lovely clientele, members and coaches! 


Why Us?

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Hi-spec Equipment

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Motivating Environment

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Expert Coaching

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No Hidden Fees!

Unrivalled Support


Our Story

From humble beginnings as personal trainers working out of commercial gyms, Smarter Fitness is the product of over 10 years work in the industry, and we're not done yet!

We operate our gym out of Newcastle upon Tyne but we also offer online coaching to those who cannot make it to our facility via our SMARTER Coaching app!

The advancement of our business is heavily influenced by the views of our members and wider fitness community, we aspire to build something that enables all our supporters to strive towards their fitness goals, improve their mental health, and feel part of a team that wholeheartedly wants to see them succeed!

Meet The Team

Meet The Team
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